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The World's First Jumbo Jet. The Boeing 747's final design was offered in three configurations: all passenger, all cargo and a convertible passenger/freighter model. The freighter and convertible models loaded 8- by 8-foot cargo containers through the huge hinged nose.
Boeing 747 'Classic' B-roll
Design, Assembly, Testing of First 747
Testing the 747-100 Prior to First Flight, 1969
First Flight of the 747-100, February 9, 1969
747-100 Factory B-roll
Boeing 747-100 Time Lapse Assembly
Boeing 747-100 Time Lapse Assembly
BI42982 (BIV14_747-100_05)
Boeing 747-100 Time Lapse Assembly
During the late 1960s, some 50,000 Boeing people belonged to a group called "The Incredibles." These...
747-100 in Flight
747-100 flying in front of Mt Rainier
First 747-100 Above the Clouds
747-100 Above Snowy Mountains
Passengers in 747 Cabin Mock-up
747-100 in Flight
747-100 First Flight Takeoff
Original 747 in Flight
Early 747 in Flight
747-200 Taking Off
747-200F Freighter at Sunset, Nose Open
747 Classic Flight Deck
747-100 SR Interior
747-100 Upper Deck Lounge
747-100 Tourist Class Passenger Cabin, circa 1971
747-100 Passenger Cabin
747-100 Lounge, circa 1969
747-100 Interior Mockup
747-100 Interior Mockup
BI231209 (k13661)
747-100 Interior Mockup
The mid-1960s saw the development and introduction of many new jetliners. None, however, has matched...
Mock-up of 747-100 Cabin, March 1967
Groovy 747 Tiger Lounge
747-100 Spiral Staircase
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