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Monomail 200
Boeing Monomail, designed initially to carry cargo and mail, was one of the most revolutionary airplanes in commercial aviation history. The Monomail Model 200 was a mail plane, and the Model 221 was a six-passenger transport. Both were later revised for transcontinental passenger service as Model 221As.
Monomail on Tarmac
Model 200 Monomail in Flight
Model 200 Monomail on the Ground
Model 200 Monomail on Tarmac
Loading Mail into a Monomail
Model 200 Monomail Loading Cargo
Boeing Monomail Cockpit
Boeing Monomail Cockpit
BI219412 (3846)
Boeing Monomail Cockpit
In 1930, Boeing created the revolutionary Monomail, which made traditional biplane construction a design...
Model 200 Monomail Wing Jig Assembly
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