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747-8 Freighter
With a maximum structural payload capacity of 146 tons (133 tonnes), including tare weight, the 747-8 Freighter offers 16 percent more revenue cargo volume than the 747-400 Freighter. The additional 4,221 cubic feet (120 m3) of volume means the airplane can accommodate four additional main-deck pallets and three additional lower-hold pallets. The 747-8 Freighter enables operators to choose between carrying greater revenue payload-up to an additional 22 tons (20 tonnes). The airplane upholds its predecessor's legendary efficiency, with nearly equivalent trip costs and lower ton-mile costs. In fact, the 747-8 Freighter will enjoy the lowest ton-mile costs of any freighter, giving operators unmatched profit potential.
Compared one on one, the 747-8 Freighter has no competitors.
Boeing 747-8F B-roll
Boeing 747-8F B-roll
BI42806 (BIV13_747-8F_01)
Boeing 747-8F B-roll
Compared one on one, the 747-8 Freighter has no competitors. The 747-8 Freighter is longer than the 747-400F...
Boeing 747-8F Factory B-roll
Boeing 747-8F nose door cargo loading
747-8F With Light Streaming Through Clouds
747-8F Flying Over Luxembourg City
747-8F Flying Over Hong Kong
747-8F Flying Over Snow-Covered Mountain Meadow
747-8F Flying Over Meadow in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
747-8F Flying Over New York City
747-8F Flying Over New York City
BI46754 (k66483_zyv11r_01e)
747-8F Flying Over New York City
747-8F flying over New York City.
747-8F Flying Over Serene Lake
747-8F Flying Over Snowy Mountains
747-8F Flying Over Mt. Fuji
747-8F With Colorful Sky
Boeing 747-8 Freighter Undergoes Flight Test
747-8 on Maiden Flight
747-8 in Flight Over Mountains
747-8 Over Mt. Rainier
Boeing 747-8 Freighter in Flight
747-8 Cruising on First Flight
747-8 In Flight over Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
Boeing 747-8F Flies Over Puget Sound Region
The Boeing 747-8 Freighter In Flight
Boeing 747-8F Passes over Lake Washington
Boeing 747-8F Approaching Seattle
747-8 Freighter Low Level Approach
Boeing 747-8F Landing Approach
Boeing 747-8 Freighter Flies Overhead
747-8 Taxis for First Flight
747-8F Taxis at Paine Field, WA
Boeing 747-8F Completes First Trans-Atlantic Biofuel-powered Flight, 2011
747-8 Climbs Skyward on First Flight.
Fifth 747-8F Test Plane Makes First flight
Cargo Enters Side Door of 747-8F
Boeing 747-8F Main Cargo Floor
Boeing 747-8F with Nose Door Open
Boeing 747-8 Freighter at Palmdale, CA Facility
747-8 Returning from First Flight
747-8F on the Everett flight ramp
GE Engines used on 747-8 Freighter
Boeing 747-8 flight Deck
Boeing 747-8F On Tarmac at Everett Assembly Center
First Boeing 747-8 Freighter Leaves Factory
Boeing 747-8 Freighter Exits Assembly Line
Boeing 747-8 Freighter Exits Assembly Line
Boeing 747-8 Freighter Exits Assembly Line
First Boeing 747-8 Freighter Takes Shape
Boeing Joins the Wing to Body for First 747-8 Freighter
Boeing Assembles Forward Fuselage for First 747-8 Freighter
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