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North American Aviation Employees at Work
North American Aviation Employee
Connie Melby, Boeing Executive Secretary to Philip G. Johnson
North American Aviation Employee at Work
Dr. Lakshmi Sanga, Physicist from India
Dorothy Shimasaki
Dorothy Shimasaki, Boeing Lead Engineer
Elladine Ellis
Elizabeth Plunkett
Ruth Hook
Boeing Female Employee Working on the Bomarc Missile Assembly
Woman Working Inside of First Boeing 377 Nose Section
Sally Brusse Opening a New Messerschmitt Latch
Annie Muhle Installing Radio Compact
Women Stand in Front of 5 Grand B-17 Flying Fortress
Woman in McDermott Windows
Helen Huntley on Carloader with Equipment
Fortress Fashions - Betty Crampton
Fortress Fashion Shoot for N.Y. Sunday Mirror
Women Working Inside Cockpit
Clair Earlone - Boeing Employee
Woman Welder Working on a B-17 Flying Fortress
Elsie Bachmann Drilling Tail Turret
Women Building B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber
First Shift Mail Clerks, 1942
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