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North American Aviation Female Employees
North American Aviation Employee at Work
North American Aviation Female Employee Drilling on Airplane Part
North American Aviation Female Employee at Work
North American Aviation Employees Standing Near Propeller
Margie Little,
Woman in Douglas Aircraft Company car
Mary Ruth Berry Works Together with Female Boeing Employee
Ken Arnold
Woman Working on Wing of a U.S. Airmail Express Plane
Pat Macias
Stewardesses at the Boeing 747 Rollout
V. James "Jim" Vinson
Women Working Switchboards
Jean Dudgeon
Women Working Switchboards
Female Employees Posing in Front of a Boeing B-29
Employees by Safety Poster
Employees Working Together on a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Assembly
Sewing Room Women
Women Shop Workers on Break
Man and Woman Bucking Rivets (Riveting)
Plant I Employees on Christmas Eve
Helen Holcombe
Female Wing Washers
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of 133 

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