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RAF Mustang 1a at NAA Plant Cockpit
RAF Mustang 1a at NAA Plant Fueling
North American NA-21 Dragon Taking Off
B-17G Flying Fortress Waist Gun
B-17G Flying Fortress Waist Guns
F4B-1 Engine Installation with Two 30 Caliber Guns
F4B-1 30 Engine Installation with 30 and 50 Caliber Guns
B-17G Flying Fortress Chin Turret and Cheek Guns
P-12D Right Side Gun Installation
B-17E Flying Fortress Waist Gunners in Position
Mechanics Work on the Tail Gun and Nose Gun Turrets of Adjacent B-24s
B-25J Mitchell Forward Mounted Guns
B-25H Mitchell "Pistol Packin' Momma" Nose Gun
F4B-4 50. Caliber Gun Installation
The Amazing Voice Control Gun
Tail Gun Exterior Change Begins on B-17E Flying Fortress Ship 101
B-17E Flying Fortress Waist Gunners
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