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Mural of Commerative Boeing 747 Postage Stamp
Father and Daughter with Toy Submarine
Girl Sitting on the Nacelle of a B-29 Superfortress
377 Stratocruiser Berths and Berthable Seats
Sleeping Berths in the Luxurious 307 Stratoliner
1949 Douglas Advertisement Featuring the Berlin Airlift
NAA Switch Board Girls
Photographer Shoots Adoring Girls Chatting up B-25 Mitchell Pilots
Girl on B-50 Nacelle
Girl on B-50 Nacelle
Girl on B-50 Nacelle
BI29770 (p7156)
Girl on B-50 Nacelle
The four-engine, propeller-powered B-50 bomber, which first flew in 1947, was among the last piston-powered...
Girl on B-50 Propeller
Little Girl with Security Guard
Girl on Carloader
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