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Skylab Space Station Footage
Boeing CH-47D Chinook B-roll
Piasecki H-21 Flight Testing
Stearman Kaydet Model S76D1
Boeing Model 314 Clipper Assembly and Testing
Boeing Model 314 Clipper Takeoffs, Landings, Taxi, Cargo Load
Slow Motion of Boeing Model 314 Clipper Taxi and Landing
Douglas C-47 Testing Floats
Douglas C-47 Testing Floats
BI44487 (BIV14_C-47_05)
Douglas C-47 Testing Floats
In addition to the 455 DC-3 commercial transports built for the airlines, 10,174 were produced as C-47...
Boeing XPBB-1 Sea Ranger Float Plane in Flight
Cloud and Contrail
Cumulus Clouds Float Under a Blue Sky
Royal Canadian Air Force CH-113, an Export Version of the Boeing Vertol 107(CH-46), Demonstrating its Ablility to Float
CH-47A Chinook in Float Test
Design #74 on Floats
Model 74 on Floats
F3B-1 on Floats
F3B-1 on Floats
BI210674 (1810b)
F3B-1 on Floats
The prototype for the F3B-1 fighter was the XF3B-1 (Model 74), but after Navy tests, the Model 74 was...
William Boeing, and Others on Floating Model C
Stearman Kaydet Model S76D1 Equipped with Edo Floats
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