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Phantom Ray Carried Aloft by 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Boeing Phantom Ray Pre-flight Preparations
X-45A UCAVs - Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles in Tandem Flight
Boeing Phantom Ray Unvelied June 10, 2010
Boeing Phantom Ray Taking Off on Maiden Flight
X-45A UCAV at Sunrise
X-45A UCAV in Flight
X-45A UCAV Test Flight
Two X-45A UCAVs Taxi Together on Their Last Flight Mission
X-45A UCAV First Flight out of Dryden Flight Center
Phantom Ray Atop 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Boeing X-45As Reach 50th Flight with First Simulated Combat Mission
Artist Concept of Phantom Ray Ferry Flight on NASA 747 SCA
X-45 UCAV on the Ground at Edwards AFB
X-45A UCAV with Technician
X-45A UCAV in Flight
X-45A UCAV on the Ramp at St. Louis
X-45A UCAV Maintenance
X-45A UCAV Takes Off
Boeing Phantom Ray Pre-flight Inspection
X-45A UCAV Takeoff
X-45A UCAVs in Flight with F-15 Eagle Jet Fighters

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