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C-17 Globemaster III at Tulsa Plant 3 with Modification Crew
The Final B-24 Liberator Modified at Douglas-Tulsa, the Tulsa Joe
AV-8B Weapons Pylon, Built at McDonnel Douglas-Tulsa
B-24 Liberator is Prepped for Painting at Douglas-Tulsa Plant
Boeing B-47 Stratojets Await Modification at Douglas-Tulsa
Final B-24 Assembled at Douglas-Tulsa, the Tulsamerican
A-20 Havoc Production at Air Force Plant #3 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Four EC-135Ns on the North American Rockwell Ramp at Tulsa
WASPs Stand with an A-24 on the Douglas-Tulsa Ramp
RB-66 and B-47 Production Lines at Douglas-Tulsa
RB-66 on the Douglas-Tulsa Ramp
Saturn V Assembly Area at North American Rockwell's Tulsa Division
EC-135N Apollo Range Instrumented Aircraft (A/RIA) Takes Off from Tulsa Airport
Argentinian A-4 Skyhawks on the Ramp at Douglas-Tulsa
Douglas A-20s Await Modification at Tulsa Facility
B-17F Flying Fortresses Await Modification at Tulsa, Oklahoma
A-26 Invader in Flight over Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma
Douglas Workers with a Banner Commemorating the Last B-24 to be Assembled in Tulsa
Night on the A-26 Line at Douglas-Tulsa
RB-66C In Douglas Tulsa Facility
B-17s Modified as YB-40s at Douglas' Tulsa Plant with B-25s and A-24s
B-52 on the Ramp at Douglas-Tulsa
YC-132 Mockup at Douglas-Tulsa
A Boeing  B-17G Awaits Modification at the Douglas-Tulsa Plant
North American Rockwell Tulsa Division, circa 1967

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