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Boeing 747 First Flight Rollout, Everett Plant Hanger, Everett Washington
DWD Mother Wife Clover Field Christening DWC
C-124 Globemaster IIs on Douglas Santa Monica Flight Line
B-23 Dragon on Tarmac
B-18A Bolos at Santa Monica Facility
Man on the Tail of a DC-7 in the Factory
XB-19 Behemoth in Factory
XB-19 Behemoth Assembly
Dolphin Hull in Factory
DC-2 Instrument Board and Controls
XB-19 Behemoth in Factory
Douglas Mail Planes in Factory
Fleet of A-20s (DB-7/A-20 Boston/Havoc) and TBD Devastaor on Tarmac
DC-7 Assembly
Number 301 DC-2 on Factory Floor
Dolphin XRD-1, Tail Number 1,000
Dolphin Assembly
DC-6 Manufacturing
DC-3 in Santa Monica

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