A close-up of the P-51 Mustang I’s adjustable “alligator” front scoop
A close-up of the P-51 Mustang I’s adjustable “alligator” front scoop
The XP-51B was initially fitted with a modified P-51A/A-36 front radiator scoop
P-51A Mustang in Flight
The 10,000th P-51, a P-51D Mustang
Looking up at a P-51D Mustang Against the Sky
The World Below a P-51D Mustang
P-51B Mustang with a Barrage Balloon
P-51D Mustang Against a Cloud
Two Men Inspect a P-51 Mustang Propeller
P-51 Mustang and SBD Dauntless on Tarmac
Men Check the Propeller Blades on a P-51 Mustang
Ladies with 20mm Cannons on a P-51 Mustang
PBJ, the Naval Version of the B-25H Mitchell, Taxies in Front of a P-51D Mustang Flight Line
A-36 Invader (P-51 Mustang) Manufacturing, Dive Brakes Extended
A-36 Invader (P-51 Mustang) in Flight
A-36 Invader (P-51 Mustang) in Flight, AT-6 Texan in Background
A-36 Invader (P-51 Mustang) on Ground, Dive Brakes Retracted
P-51A and P-51B Mustangs on Tarmac with Ice Cream Truck
Mechanics Inspecting a P-51D Mustang Nose
P-51A Mustang in Flight
P-51A Mustang on Ground
P-51A Mustang on Ground
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