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Clairmont L. "Claire" Egtvedt, Boeing President
Flight Attendants Beside a Model 80A
Model 80A Transport at Boeing Field
Dash 80 in Flight
Dash 80 Takes Off from Boeing Field
Original 8 Stewardesses with Model 80A
Boeing Model 80-A in Flight
Painting the Dash 80 Nose
Dash 80 Prototype in Flight
Dash 80 in Flight over Seafair, 2003
Model 80A Flight Deck
Dash 80 Takes Off
Dash 80 Gold Cup Barrel Roll
Dash 80 Rollout Ceremony
Model 80A Transport with NACA Cowling
Dash 80 in Flight
Dash 80 Lands After its First Flight Since 1991
Model 80A on Display
First Dash 80
Dash 80 Taxi Test
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