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KB-29/KB-50 Tanker 
KB-29 Tanker Ground Maintenance at Castle AFB
KB-29P and B-29 Superfortress In-Flight Refueling
KB-29P Refueling B-50D in Flight
KB-29 in Flight
KB-29D and B-50D Refueling in Flight
KB-29 Tanker Final Assembly
KB-29D Tanker Flying over Mountain
B-50D Refueling in Flight
KB-29 Tanker Preparation for Flight to Midway
Three KB-29 Tankers Flying in Formation
KB-29 Tanker Aerial Refueling F-84 Thunderjets
Maintenance on KB-29 Superfortress Tanker
KB-29 Superfortress Tanker Flight Line

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