B-47E Stratojet JATO Takeoff (Tail 0003)
JATO Bottles Mounted on B-66B Destroyer
RB-66 Destroyer Departs Long Beach^ CA with JATO Power
D-558-2 Skyrocket Takeoff with JATO Assist
B-47E Stratojet JATO Takeoff
B-52 Stratofortress Jet Trails
B-47 Stratojet Using Jet-Assisted Takeoff (JATO)
B-47 Stratojet JATO, Jet-Assisted Takeoff
XB-47 Stratojet JATO Test
B-47 Stratojet Takeoff
B-47 Stratojet JATO
XB-47 Stratojet JATO Test
XB-47 Stratojet JATO Takeoff from Moses Lake
XB-47 Stratojet First JATO Takeoff
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