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Douglas DC-3 with Llamas
US Marine Corps OV-10D Bronco in Flight
DC-3 Lavatory
DC-3 Galley
DC-3 with 377 Stratocruiser
DC-3 in Flight
A Douglas "Rosie" Works in the Shadow of a C-47 Wing
DC-3/C-47 in Flight
Delta Clipper Model Wind Tunnel Testing
Delta Clipper Liquid Oxygen Tank
Delta Clipper Nearing Completion
DC-X Delta Clipper Test Module is Transported to Launch Site
Delta Clipper at White Sands, NM
Two Women in Douglas Sleeper Transport Sleeping Berths
Super DC-3 in Flight
Final C-47 Built at Douglas Long Beach Factory
DC-8 Flight Deck
DC-3 Engine Maintenance
DC-3, Douglas Sleeper Transport with Cord Automobile
"Mighty Arm of National Defense" Douglas DC-3 Ad, 1940
Old Tail Super DC-3 in Flight
Old Tail Super DC-3 in Flight
Old Tail Super DC-3 on Tarmac
DC-3, Douglas Sleeper Transport, on the Ground
C-47 Skytrain on Tarmac
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