B-66 Destroyer first flight Take off
Douglas B-66 Test flight Pre-flight Preparations
RB-66 and B-47 Production Lines at Douglas-Tulsa
RB-66 on the Douglas-Tulsa Ramp
B-66 Destroyer Tail Turret
RB-66C Being Towed Across Flight Ramp
JATO Bottles Mounted on B-66B Destroyer
B-66 and Crew on Eniwetok Island.
RB-66B Destroyer In Flight
RB-66B Destroyer Aero Diffuser Plate
B-66 Destroyer Light Bomber on Tarmac
A3D-1 Skywarriors in Tandem Flight
Douglas A3D Skywarriors on Carrier Deck
RB-66D Destroyer In flight
B-66 Destroyer First Flight Take-off
RB-66 Destroyer Departs Long Beach^ CA with JATO Power
RB-66C In Douglas Tulsa Facility
B-52 on the Ramp at Douglas-Tulsa
A3D Skywarrior on Ground
Navy XA3D Skywarrior in Flight
A-3 Skywarriors on Carrier Elevator
A3D Skywarrior First Factory-to-Fleet Delivery
Working on A-3 Skywarrior Rear Guns
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