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Clairmont L. "Claire" Egtvedt, Boeing President
B-Series Bombers in Flight, B-52, B-47, B-29 and B-17 Flying Fortress
B-47 Wind Tunnel Model Design Evolution
Boeing XB-47 Carrying  GAM-67 Crossbow Anti-Radar Missiles
Test of External Wing Fuel Tanks on B-47B Stratojet
Boeing XB-47s in Moses Lake Hangar
XB-47 Wind Tunnel Model
Changing The World (Boeing Centennial Poster)
B-47B Stratojet Landing Gear Inspection
Boeing Flight Test Facilities at Boeing Field
Boeing B-47E Navigator Station
B-47E Stratojet JATO Takeoff (Tail 0003)
B-47E Stratojet in Flight
XB-47 Stratojet Rollout
Boeing B-47 Stratojets Await Modification at Douglas-Tulsa
B-47E Stratojet Air to Air (tail 23363)
B-47E Stratojet in Flight
B-47A Stratojet Landing with Drag Chute
XB-47 Stratojet on Apron
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