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A-26 with McDonnell Puffin anti-ship missile on flight ramp
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A-26/B-26 Invader 
1941 Speed and Speed Now Douglas Ad
Douglas A-26B Invaders in Flight
A-26 Invader Wing Assembly at Douglas' Long Beach Facility
A-26 Invader in Flight over Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma
Night on the A-26 Line at Douglas-Tulsa
A-26 Invader in Factory
Working on the A-26 Invader
A-26 Invader on the Ground
Working on the A-26 Invader
A-26 Invaders Flying in Formation
A-26 Invader with a 75mm Gun Nose at Long Beach
A-26 Invader 75mm Gun Nose Long Beach
A-26 Invader at Long Beach
A-26 Invader Construction
A-26 Invader Manufacturing
A-26 Invader with Props Turning

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