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Boeing 747 Advertising Brochure
Dr. Lakshmi Sanga, Physicist from India
Dorothy Shimasaki, Boeing Lead Engineer
Elladine Ellis
Elizabeth Plunkett
Ruth Hook
Pat Macias
Stewardesses at the Boeing 747 Rollout
Boeing 747 Planes at Paine Field Everett, WA.
Boeing 747 Left Wing Engine Mount - Everett, WA. Factory
Last B-52F's Built in Seattle
Boeing 707 Air France 1959
Boeing 707 American Airlines Passenger Loading at Renton 1958
Boeing 707 Western Airlines Rollout 1960
Boeing 707 Pan American In-flight over Clouds
Boeing 720B Astro Jet American Airlines In-flight over Mountains 1961
Boeing SST Model 1964
Boeing 707 138B Qantas Airlines Rollout 1961
Boeing SST Model & Ladies 1964
Boeing 707 American Airlines Passenger Loading at Renton, WA 1958
Boeing 720 American Airlines Flight over Snowy Mountains
Boeing 720 American Airlines 1960
Boeing Supersonic Transport Model 1963
Boeing 720B Renton Line Western Airline 1962
Boeing 727 American Airlines 1963
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