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Three F4B-3s in Flight
F4B/P-12 Fighter Pilots in High-Altitude Gear
P-12E Army Biplane Fighter Flying over Detroit
F4B-3 on the Ground
Fourteen P-12Es in Flight
P-12E with 450-hp Engine
F4B-2 Navy Biplane Fighter
P-12C Army Biplane Fighter on Tarmac
Model 40B-4 at Plant I Hangar
Model 40B-4 Mailplane Manufacturing
Model 40B at Boeing Hangar
Model 40B mailplane
Model 40C in Boeing Factory
Model 40C and Model 95 Mailplane Manufacturing
Model 40A Soars over Nevada’s Ruby Mountains
Model 40A Mailplane Cockpit
Model 40 on Ground
Model 40A Mailplane Assembly
Model 80B Transport on Ground
Model 80A Above Seattle Waterfront
Model 80 Flying over Mount Rainer
Model 80 Transport on Ground
Model 80A Wings and Frame Assembly
Model 40A Mailplanes at Boeing Field
Model 100F on Ground
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