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Boeing Model 40 Landed
DWD Mother Wife Clover Field Christening DWC
Boeing sheet metal shop in 1927
Boeing P-12E in Flight Formation
Boeing P-12E in Flight Formation
Boeing P-12E on Runway
Boeing P-12C on Runway
Boeing P-12C on Runway
Boeing P-12E on Runway
Boeing P-12C Engine Cowl Ring
Douglas O-2C Observation Plane
Boeing PW-9 Crash Landing at Sand Point, WA
Airplane Manufacturing in Red Barn, 1922
Airplane Manufacturing in Red Barn, 1922
MB-3A Assembly Line in Red Barn, 1922
Propeller Manufacturing in Red Barn,1922
Boeing Hangar at Boeing Field, October 1931
Stearman Kaydet Model S76D1
Stearman Kaydet Footage
Wong Tsoo, First Boeing Engineer
Replica of B&W Seaplane
Douglas World Cruiser footage
Boeing Model 40 Footage
Boeing Model 40 Footage
BI45888 (BIV15_Model40_01)
Boeing Model 40 Footage
The first Model 40 was built for a 1925 U.S. Post Office competition as a replacement for the converted...
Boeing B-1 Model 6 Footage
1943 Maybe He's Your Boy! Boeing Ad
1942 Lots of Uncle Sam's Chillun Got Wings Boeing Ad
1940 Stearman Builds Ad
1940 Air Defense Starts on Stearman's Production Line Ad
1940 The Stearman Family Now Welcomes Venezuela Ad
1932 Pioneer Aerobats Made the F2B-1 Famous Boeing Ad
1931 Why Did This Squadron Win Boeing Ad
1931 The Navy Knows Boeing Ad
1930 Nothing Discourages a Boeing 40-B4 Ad
1930 Douglas The Name is Not Enough Ad
Boeing B-1E Model 204
Boeing B-1E Model 204 Flying Boat.
Boeing B-1E, Model 204 Flying Boat
Boeing B-1E Model 204A Flying Boat
Douglas World Cruiser "New Orleans"
Boeing Model 80-A in Flight
Douglas World Cruiser Flight Crews, circa 1924
Douglas World Cruiser in Tow
Stewardess Serving Model 80 Passengers
Model 40A on Ground
MB-3A Propeller Construction
Model 80A on Tarmac
First Stewardesses
Haviland DH-4 Rebuilding, Boeing Shop Floor
B-1 Civil Flying Boat on Water
40A Mail Plane
B & W on Lake Union, Washington
Stearman PT-17 with Navy Markings in Flight
Model 40 Mail Plane with Women
Stearman PT Trainer Parts in Storage
Stearman PT Trainer Wings in Storage
North American Fokker First Production DH-4M-2 Takeoff
Model 40B-4 Mailplane Radio Ship Model
Boeing Hornet Shuttle
Model 80A Transport at Boeing Field
Model 80A Transport with NACA Cowling
Boeing Model C on Lake Union
Wong Tsoo and Boeing Model C in Lake Union Boat House
Cloth Wing Fabrication in the Red Barn
Eddie Allen in the Cockpit of a Model 40B-4
Fleet of F4Bs in Flight
Restored Boeing 100 in Flight
Douglas Observation Biplane, the O-38A
Boeing F2B-1s on USS Saratoga
F4B Fighter on Tarmac
Boeing Model 40B in Flight Above Mountain
Passengers and Pilot with the Boeing Model 40B Transport
C-4, C-1F, and C-700 at Boeing Lake Union Hangar
Boeing P-12 Fighter on Display
Boeing P-12 Fighter on Display
F4B-1 Stabilizer Without Cover
F4B-1 Elevator, Uncovered
F4B-1 Aileron, Uncovered
F4B-1 Engine Installation with Two 30 Caliber Guns
F4B-1 30 Engine Installation with 30 and 50 Caliber Guns
F4B-1 Ammunition Reel and Guns Mounted on Frame
F4B-1 Ammuntion Reel
P-12B Armament Installation
P-12B Stabilizer and Elevator
P-12B Cockpit Lining Model
P-12B Cockpit Lining Model
F4B-2 Covered and Uncovered Stabilizer
F4B-2 Covered and Uncovered Elevators
F4B-2 Gun Installation
F4B-2 Left Side Gun Installation
F4B-2 Right Side Gun Installation
P-12D Left Side Gun Installation
P-12D Left Side Chute Installation
P-12D Right Side Gun Installation
P-12D Right Side Chute Installation
P-12D Rear Ammunition Box Supports
F4B-4 50. Caliber Gun Installation
Model 64 Experimental Training Plane on the Ground
Boeing Model C on Lake Union
Boeing Model C on Lake Union
Stearman Kaydet Trainer on the Ground
Stearman Kaydet Trainer on the Ground
BI230479 (bw11881)
Stearman Kaydet Trainer on the Ground
During WWII, nearly every American and Allied pilot first learned to fly in the PT-13/17 Kaydet trainer,...
Varney Airlines Chief Pilot Leon Cuddeback with Varney Airlines J-4 Swallow
Unloading a Model 40A Mailplane
Mailplane Progress
Boeing Model 95 Mailplane
Model 40B with NACA Cowling
Model 80A on Display
Model 40B with Passengers
William Boeing's Martin TA Floatplane
Boeing Model 40C at Gorst's Field
Boeing Model 80 with Stearman Biplane
Pacific Air Transport Hangar in Sandpoint, ID
William Boeing with a Model 40
Boeing Model 40 with Special Passenger
Model 40Y Special Order Model 40
Boeng Field Opening Celebration
NB-1 Floatplane on Lake Union
VNB-1 Floatplane Prototype for the Model 21 on Lake Union
VNB-1, Model 21 Floatplane Prototype, on Lake Union
Boeing NB-1, Model 21 Trainer, on Lake Union
Boeing NB-1, Model 21 Naval Trainer, on Lake Union
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