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Replica of B&W Seaplane
Replica of B&W Seaplane
BI46010 (BIV15_BandW_01)
Replica of B&W Seaplane
The B & W was the first Boeing product, named after the initials of its designers, William Boeing and...
B & W on Lake Union, Washington
Boeing B & W Takes Flight
B&W Cockpit Detail
B & W on the Water
B & W starting New Zealand Mail Run
B & W Launched from Ramp
B & W Pulled up a Ramp
B & W Pulled up a Ramp
BI23810 (97169)
B & W Pulled up a Ramp
William E. Boeing, company founder, and Conrad Westervelt, a Navy officer, designed and built the B &...
B & W Wing Frame
Mounted Engine of B & W
B & W on the Water by a Ramp
B & W Takeoff
B & W in Flight
Pulling a B & W up the Lake Union Hangar Ramp
B & W Taxiing on Water
William M. Allen with Models of Jet Transport
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