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Boeing MH-139 Helicopter
Test Pilots in Front of Boeing 737-100
McDonnell Aircraft Promotional Film about the XHJD-1
McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle B-roll
Boeing Test Pilot Tex Johnston Interviewed by CBS Newsman Douglas Edwards Following Record Setting Flight, 1957
McDonnell Aircraft XF-85 Goblin
McDonnell Aircraft XF-85 Goblin
BI45039 (BIV15_XF-85_01)
McDonnell Aircraft XF-85 Goblin
The McDonnell XF-85 Goblin, the smallest jet-propelled fighter ever built, was a "parasite" designed...
Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster
McDonnell Aircraft XH-20 Little Henry
Boeing 767-2C First Flight B-roll, December 28, 2014
Boeing 707 Flight Test
Boeing 707 Manufacturing
Boeing 707 First Flight- Post Flight
Douglas DC-8-61 First Flight, March 14, 1966
Boeing Model 314 Clipper Assembly and Testing
McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Rollout and First Flight
Marvin Michael, Boeing Flight Test Engineer, 1943
Marvin Michael, Boeing Flight Test Engineer, 1943
BI44038 (bw21636)
Marvin Michael, Boeing Flight Test Engineer, 1943
Marvin Michael was a flight test engineer at Boeing in Seattle. He worked for Boeing from 1940 to 1972....
First Flight of the 747-100, February 9, 1969
Boeing Test Pilot Eddie Allen in a B-17 Flying Fortress
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