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Boeing Engineer Wong Tsu, Graduate from MIT 1917
William Boeing Discusses First International Airmail Service
Wong Tsoo, First Boeing Engineer
Replica of B&W Seaplane
Boeing B-1 Model 6 Footage
Boeing Workers Building Wings, 1918
Boeing Red Barn, 1910s
B&W Cockpit Detail
Boeing Red Barn Under Guard
Boeing Manufacturing in Red Barn May 23, 1918
Boeing Model C on Lake Union
Boeing B & W Takes Flight
C-4, C-1F, and C-700 at Boeing Lake Union Hangar
B & W on Lake Union, Washington
B & W on the Water
B-1 Civil Flying Boat on Water
William Boeing entering Grays Harbor on Steamer, 1903
Wong Tsoo and Boeing Model C in Lake Union Boat House
Boeing Model C at the Lake Union boathouse in Seattle
Boeing Model C on Lake Union
Boeing Model C on Lake Union
William "Bill" Boeing
Retouched Photo of Boeing's Red Barn
Martin Model S Seaplane on Lake Washington
William Boeing and Eddie Hubbard with Model C