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Rosie the Riveter
Women workers filled a crucial void and broke gender barriers when the nation's men were off at war. Nicknamed "Rosies" after one of the first women to work in a defense factory, the women were immortalized in a poster of a worker flexing her muscles with the slogan "We Can Do It."
Vintage Douglas Airview Cover, Woman with American Flag
Douglas "Rosies" in California Enjoy a Lunch Break on the Boeing B-17 Line
"Rosie" Drives a Douglas Company Car
"Rosie" the Spot Welder
Patriotic "Rosies" Raise the Flag
"Rosies" with C-47 Outer Wings in Assembly at Long Beach
"Rosie" Applies Lipstick
"Rosie" Rivets
Lady Spot Welder
Douglas Aircraft Rosies
Douglas Aircraft Rosies
BI231931 (douglasaircraftrosies)
Douglas Aircraft Rosies
Seven Douglas Aircraft "Rosie the Riviters" pose in from of Douglas airplane.
B-29 Superfortress Wing Production, Rosie the Riveter
Employee on a B-25 Mitchell Tail
Woman Arming a B-25G Mitchell on Ground with Ammo
Workers Crating Lend-Lease P-51 Mustangs for Shipment
Woman Cleaning P-51 Mustang Propellers
Woman Performing B-25 Mitchell Engine Repair
Woman at Work, Circa 1942
Woman at Work, Circa 1942
Woman at Work, Circa 1942
Woman at Hydraulic Test Bench
Wiring Control Panel
Machine Gun Test
B-25 Mitchell Final Assembly
Men and Women Building B-17 Flying Fortresss Together
"Lady Fingers" Assembles Airplane Parts
"Rosie" the Welder, Douglas Aircraft
Women Workers at Douglas Aircraft's Santa Monica Facility
Douglas Aircraft Worker in Wheel Well of a DC-3
Douglas Employees with a Sub-Assembly Jig
Female Douglas Employees Assemble an SBD Tail
Douglas Employee Rivets an Unidentified Aircraft
Lunch Time on the A-20 Line
Douglas Aircraft Worker, circa 1943
Electrical Assembler with an Unidentified Douglas Aircraft
"Rosies" Hard at Work at Douglas' Santa Monica Facility During WWII
Douglas Santa Monica "Rosies" on top of Fuselage
A Douglas "Rosie" in Long Beach Rivets a Boeing B-17 Tail
Douglas "Rosies" Riveting a Leading Edge Subassembly
"Rosie" on the Douglas A-20 Havoc Assembly Line
Douglas "Rosies" Wing Jig Crew Assemble a Boeing B-17 During WWII
Woman Worker at North American's Kansas City Assembly Facility, circa 1943
B-17 Manufacturing at Douglas Long Beach Plant
A Boeing Rosie at Work
Scroll Delivered with Last B-24 Assembled at Douglas-Tulsa, the Tulsamerican
"Rosies" at Work at Douglas' Long Beach on an Electrical Assembly
Assembling B-17 Dorsal Fins at Douglas Long Beach Factory in 1943
A "Rosie" at Work at Douglas' Long Beach Factory
A Douglas "Rosie" Works in the Shadow of a C-47 Wing
North American's KC Production Facility
"Rosies" at Work in North American's Kansas City Facility
B-29 Superfortress Dorsal Fin Inspection
Two North American Aviation Factory Workers, circa 1942
Two North American Aviation Factory Workers, circa 1942
Boeing Factory Worker Drills Rivets
Boeing Employees Bucks Rivets on a B-17 Flying Fortress
B-29 Superfortress Wing Spar Assembly
Two Gun Shop Mechanics Install the Tub on a B-17 Flying Fortress Chin Turret
Man and Woman Bucking Rivets
Man and Woman Bucking Rivets on a B-17 Flying Fortress
Woman Drilling a B-17 Flying Fortress During Assembly
Wiring the Flight Engineer's Board on a B-29 Superfortress
Mechanics Assemble a B-17 Flying Fortress Nose Section
Women Riveting
Women Building B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber
Ladies Decorate the Tail Section of Boeing Plant II's Last B-17 Flying Fortress
Woman Installs New Cheek Guns on B-17 Flying Fortress
Woman Aligning B-17 Flying Fortress Top Turret Guns
Ladies with 20mm Cannons on a P-51 Mustang
C-47 Skytrain with Women Workers
Engine Worker with an A-20
"Rosie" Refuels an A-20 Havoc
Douglas Long Beach "Rosies" with their 2,000th C-47 Skytrain
Proud "Rosie" Rolls Out the 2000th C-47 Skytrain
Girl on Carloader
First Shift Mail Clerks, 1942
Women Stand in Front of "5 Grand" B-17 Flying Fortress
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